Motorcycle Structures

Thai Summit Gold Press create jig fixtures for our customers in different countries. We have the ability and expertise to create jig fixtures that are used for the production of parts. Jig fixtures and software syncronize with each other so that we can create maximum machine utilization.


Welding technology

Robot and positioner 9 axis system for mainframe full welding. We invented the equipment to reduce production cycle time, which is the synchronization between robot welder and positioner.

Machining and laser cutting technology

High-end 5 axis CNC machining machine and Trumpf laser cutting machine have the ability to machine and cut complex products, to increase product quality and boost productivity.

Quality assurance with CMM 5 axis

Thai Summit Gold Press capabilities for measuring stroke are 2000x1500x1300 mm with a maximum speed of 866 mm/second. The machine is available to check product precision in micron units and visually report the inspection result data.


The products that we offer include main frame with fully automated welding, pipe main, rear frame, swingarm, handle bar, seat, brake, gear, chain guard, stand comp main, mudguard and fuel tank.

The products that we offer include fuel tank, front & rear mudgard, swingarm, handlebar, chain case, stand comp main, brake and gear lever.

In addition to producing jig fixtures used in the production of automotive parts, we also have the ability to create inspection jigs and checking fixtures to be used as a quality inspection device for that workpiece.


Design Capabilities


Our R&D engineers can provide you with product design, formability & weld-ability simulation study, benchmarking & VA/VE ideas, prototype parts and testing to support design and manufacturing.