Interior & Exterior

Thai Summit Plastech is a full-service supplier in product design, tooling preparation, and mass production for automotive interior and exterior products, seats and plastic parts for motorcycles. We specialize in injection molding, painting, hot-foil press, and advanced assembly processes to deliver our customer expectations.



Hybrid injection

A 3,500 ton hybrid injection machine uses the combination of a servo motor and a hydraulic system, which is very fast in terms of the cycle time and delivers high performance in the injection process.

Welding technologies

Fully automated assembly lines integrated with robots and digital cameras which can be used for a large variety of technological processes such as ultrasonic and vibration welding and also laser cutting.

Auto painting

Auto painting line which consists of 11 robots and anti electrostatic air spray can paint bumpers or large-size plastic parts up to 3.5 meters in length in over 20 colours. We also host hot foil stamping, printscreen and part texturing capabilities.



Interior parts

Automotive parts such as instrument panel, front console, rear console, door trim, air duct, quarter trim and A/B/C pillars. 


Exterior parts

Automotive parts such as front bumper, rear bumper, radiator grille, over fender, rocker cladding and wheel arch liner.

Thai Summit Group was established in 1977, and started with a motorcycle seat business. We now have three production base facilities in Thailand, Vietnam and India, to supply parts to almost all OEM brands in the market. Our Thailand base facility is the center of R&D and technology.

Testing Center

At our plastic testing facility we have the capability to test for heat cycle, thermal shock resistance, humidity resistance, tensile strength, scratch resistance, stone chip resistance, durability, fogging, flammability, chemical resistance, stress cracking resistance and many more additional tests. We use our engineering expertise to conduct plastic tests to provide detailed reports to our valued customers.

Our duralility testing machine can test in the vertical and horizontal direction. We can guarantee the performance of seats by using this machine.

Testing instruments to meet R&D requirements in the development of tension test, elongation test, compression test, hysteresis test and load characteristics, to meet the needs of the users of our products.


Design Capabilities 

We are responsible for product development, product design (2D & 3D model), VA/VE idea, prototype, product testing, process feasibility study based on testing data and CAE with correlation for interior and exterior parts.