Chassis Frame and Axle housing for 1 ton pic up truck

Thai Summit PK Group is the leading world-class manufacturer of chassis frame and axle housing in the Asia Pacific region. Thai Summit PK Group is a joint venture company between Thai Summit Auto Parts Industry Co., Ltd (A leading Thai automotive component parts manufacturer in Thailand) and Press Kogyo Co., Ltd (A leading chassis frame and axle housing manufacturer in Japan).

We have the capability to produce chassis & axle modules, starting from single parts, component parts and module platforms to fully integrated full frame. We ensure our integration solutions are optimized to our customers needs by using our design production enhanced technology. Our company has a broad base of proven standard products that can be tailored to individual applications, from initial concept to mass production. Thai Summit PK's reliable solutions, flexibility, and design expertise are key reasons why the leading global OEM choose Thai Summit PK Group.


Robot Auto Full weld

In past times, the welding of chassis and axle was a labor intensive job. With the introduction of the robotizing platform welding system, this process reduces production time, increases weld quality and creates a more work-friendly environment. This robotic welding system has been continuously developed and integrated, specifically to our production process to weld different parts in many elevated positions. The goal is to automate the welding tasks. That is the reason why we have a parametric programming system. The system is equipped with a laser touch sensing package and will allow a fast and accurate manufacturing process.

Robot Auto transfer 

Thai Summit PK group also offer an extensive lineup of industrial robots. By integrating the full welding system with the part transfer technology, it enhances our position in the automation platform for the production system to a world class standard.  These robots transfer are equipped with iRVision and are capable of high-speed transfer in a well-optimized system. Material handling robots can automate some of the most tedious, dull, and unsafe tasks. Material handling robots increase the efficiency of the production line and increase customer satisfaction by providing timely and high-quality products to our customer.

Auto Vision Model check 

With this enhanced and futuristic technology which increases the production efficiency and productivity. The Vision detection technology detects the model of each frame and automatically programs the robots to weld the frame according to its model requirements.


Chassis Frame

Chassis frames are considered a safety part which are made of “steel section”, our frames are lightweight, strong and durable to withstand heavy loads and shock. Moreover, our frames are tested in our Thai Summit PK group facility, which is a world-class standard labatory located in Japan. With full confidence that our frame products give the highest quality performance, which is accepted by the leading OEM globally.

Axle Housing

Axles are a part of a driveline component of most practical wheeled vehicles, not only were they designed to bear the weight of the vehicle, plus any cargo, but they were also designed to be suitable in strength durability and safety which enhances the vehicles' driving performance.

Testing center

Thai Summit PK Group testing facility used in both Thailand and Japan is a world-class standard which complies with all OEM requirement of design and implementation with international automotive standards.


Design Capabilities

Thai Summit PK group has the capability to design, simulate and prototype parts to support customer engineering, before the mass production phase.