About TSG

Thai Summit Group is the leading automotive manufacturer in Asia


Teamwork (T) 

We value working as a team as a part of the system to mobilize the organization. With mutual respect and teamwork we can focus on the same objectives. We believe that ordinary people can achieve extraordinary goals.

Social Responsibility (S)

We are a part of the society that we live in, therefore, it is necessary that we have to balance all concerned parties around us, this includes employees, families, managers, suppliers, stockholders, surrounding communities and the environment.

Continuous Improvement (C)

Excellency does not happen accidentally, it happens because of the accumulation of continuous improvement activities. Moreover, continuous improvement of employees is the fundamental of the continuous development of the organization.

Initiative and Leadership (I)

Initiative is the result of thinking beyond others' limitations, expecting more than others' impossibilities. Leadership is the power to transform initiatives to tangible outcomes.

Commitment (C)

Commitment is the conditions of professionals. To retain the commitment between us and our suppliers, colleagues and alliances is the key to success. Although the conditions may change, our results will not change.