Continuous development in the field of research and technology is the crucial driver for the daily operations of Thai Summit Group of Companies for increasing ability and potential for competitiveness in the market, which helps to meet the customers' needs and expectations at every stage since concept design, toolings design and finally joint part designing capabilities with the customers, which enable us to always provide services to our customers, whether the customers have CAD design or not. We use FEA Testing for analyzing the part structure, forming process of metal parts, forming process of plastic injection parts, RobCad and analyze up to process automation using robots in order to produce the highest quality products with consistency. We use  latest toolings, machines & equipments and testing machines & equipments for both inhouse and outsourced processes.
        Before manufacturing tooling all processes receive careful supervision of highly experienced personnels, who have expertise and specialization in the product research and development in the group. Research and development are the essential driver which helps to run the groups operations smoothly and develop customers confidence that they will get the products and services which are of the highest quality and international standards. 

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