The Thai Summit Pattana Foundation  was established in 2007 by Somporn Juangroongruangkit, the President of Thai Summit Group, as a non-profit organization aimed at supporting various social causes, such as alleviating various public crises, addressing global warming, and promoting education, the latter of which is the focus of the foundation. Although Thai government supports a free education program, many families still face financial challenges in sending their children to school or lacking the appropriate learning environments and equipment. Apart from that, many children also quit school as they are forced to find income for their families, creating an opportunity loss for the country. 

          The foundation's staff consists mostly of those from Thai Summit Group who are prepared body and mind to assist in social causes, without any financial compensation in mind. Therefore, every penny of the foundation's income is channeled toward socially beneficial activities of donations and used optimally. This commitment has allowed the Thai Summit Pattana Foundation to be legally certified as a public charity organization by the Ministry of Finance in 2011, which the team members and Thai Summit Group take great pride in. 

Address : Thai Summit Tower(33 Floor), 1768 New Phetchaburi Road., Bangkapi, Huaikhwang, Bangkok 10320.

Donation to Thaisummit Pattana Foundation

       Can be done by 3 ways as follows:

       1. By cash.

       2. By cheque pay to Thai Summit Pattana Foundation.

       3. By cash or cheque account transferring to


                    Thai Summit Pattana Foundation 

                    Bangna-Trad KM.18 Branch Saving account No. 450-2-54149-3


       Contact persons for donation: Foundation committee member

                    - Onuma Trakulnuch (Accounting) 

                     Tel. 66(0)-2325-8000 #735 Fax: 66(0)-2325-8028 , Email :

                    - Boonsom Thientipyanant 

                     Tel: 66(0)-2325-8000 # 481, Email :

                    - Tammanoon Yimlamai

                     Tel: 66(0)81-723-7874 , Email :


       1.As money has been transferred, please fax your payment document to Khun Onuma Trakulnuch.

           Fax: 66(0)-2325-8028 or Email :

           Your receipt will be made as your name and address as mention in the document.

       2.The receipt can be used for tax payment reduction.

       3.The receipt will be sent to you within 3 work days.


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